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November/December 2023

Year-end Moves Can Benefit Investors

November through December is typically a busy season, so you may not be focusing on your current investments. But, before you carve the turkey and bring out the noisemakers, take some time to review year-end strategies that may improve your finances.

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Smart Strategies for Any Market

It may be hard not to throw in the towel when the markets aren't performing well. And it's just as hard to imagine the markets will ever lose value when stock prices soar. But because no one controls market behavior, you'll want to devise a plan for staying invested no matter what the markets do.

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Tax Planning: A Must for Your Business

How much do you understand about your business’s tax situation? Simply filing taxes each year without first engaging in strategic tax planning could mean your business overpays its taxes. Your tax, financial and legal professionals can provide guidance with the big picture in mind.

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SECURE 2.0 Act Could Impact Your Plans

The SECURE Act and SECURE 2.0 Act made several changes that could affect your retirement and estate planning. Understanding what they could mean for your plans and discussing your options with your tax and financial professionals should be a priority. This article summarizes some of those provisions.

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Laddering Annuities Can Provide a Steady Income

Are you seeking an investment that provides guaranteed income in retirement? Consider immediate annuities.

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Want to Share Your Wealth with Grandkids?

When grandchildren are young, finding a cool toy or the latest electronics for them during the holidays is easy. But last year’s presents may be long forgotten when the next holiday rolls around. This year, consider giving grandkids gifts that will benefit them for many years. Your financial and tax professionals can help.

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Tracking Holiday Debt

LendingTree, an online lending marketplace that allows borrowers to compare rates from multiple lenders, has been conducting an annual holiday spending survey for eight years. The chart shows the amount of debt Americans incurred over the holidays for every year through 2022.

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Passing on Your Legacy

While most affluent families may be familiar with estate planning, they might not communicate much more than hopes about how their heirs will use their financial legacies. But estate planning can help turn those hopes into realized dreams. It is one way to give specific directions about how you would like to see your financial legacy live on.

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Active vs. Passive

While many people know the differences between stock, bond and money market mutual funds*, they may not be as familiar with mutual fund styles, such as active versus passive. These styles may have a role in your investing strategy as you maneuver through up and down markets and how far you are from reaching your financial goals.

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Distribution Planning For Near-Retirees

We constantly hear about the importance of saving for retirement and put a lot of effort into it during our working years. Yet, the final element of any retirement strategy is often neglected: distribution planning. This tax season, as you begin collecting the information you need to file, consider how you’ll take tax-efficient distributions in retirement.

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Shield Your Assets with a Spendthrift Trust

Many high net worth families try to pass as much of their wealth as possible to loved ones, but they may worry how those assets are used. Certain trusts can help your estate distribute assets in a way that meets everyone's needs while helping to ensure the assets your heirs inherit aren't squandered.

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Plan for a Cash-only Holiday

Do you often find yourself still paying off holiday bills long after the holidays are over? Keeping spending under control can be difficult during the holidays, which is the reason using cash — not credit — is so important. Here are a few tips.

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Adopt Healthy Money Habits

Your relationship with money may have its roots in your childhood. How your family handled their finances can affect your attitude toward spending and saving as an adult.

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Retirement Planning: Moves to Make at Year-end

What comes to mind when you think about retirement? Chances are good that money is on the list. As the new year approaches, consider the steps you’ve taken and those you could take to help ensure a comfortable lifestyle once you retire.

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Age 18? They're Legally Adults

You might have a different opinion as a parent, but in most states, 18-year-olds are considered adults. That means you may no longer be able to make medical or financial decisions or access your child's records without your child's consent. Before heading to college or moving into an apartment with friends, your child should sign these basic documents, giving you a legal right to make health care and financial decisions on your child's behalf.

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Teach Your Kids the Value of Money

Kids tend to want almost every toy they see in the store or everything their friends have. While it’s not always easy to resist giving your children everything they ask for, teaching them early to save for the things they want can make those items more valued.

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Paying Taxes When You're Self-employed

Whether you have just started a side hustle or have been freelancing for years, filing taxes can present challenges. Here are some points to keep in mind.

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Three Ways To Lower Your Taxes

Let's take a quick look at some ways you may be able to lower your tax bill.

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Estate Planning Tax Strategies

You can pass more assets to your loved ones when you do so tax-efficiently. Consider utilizing one of these methods when creating or updating your estate plan.

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