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May/June 2020

How to Save Money on Your Summer Trip

Summer vacations can eat up a family's budget in a hurry, so planning ahead and saving for more expensive trips is a necessity for most people. You can, however, take a few days off in the summer and not bust your budget in the process. For example:

Start Your Engines.
Airfare can cost a family of four a pretty penny, making driving a potentially cost-friendlier option. If you can drive to a summer vacation destination within a day, consider this option. Or better yet, change up your vacation plans and take a leisurely two- or three-day drive, stopping at points of interest or visiting friends and family along the way.

Use Your Points.
If you choose the multi-day drive, you'll need to sleep somewhere. Use your points to help pay for all or part of your lodging.

Find Coupons.
Look for coupons at interstate rest stops to reduce your lodging costs.

Stay Over.
Stay at the homes of friends and family that you visit along the way.

Go Bigger.
Rent a home or apartment, especially in higher-priced areas. You'll find their costs are similar to or slightly higher than staying in a hotel, but you'll save money by using the kitchen for meals and probably have more space. You might even double up with family or friends, splitting the cost of a multi-room house or apartment.


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