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March/April 2023

Targeting Seniors

Targeting Seniors

Criminals find new ways to defraud their victims all the time. While anyone can become a victim of fraud, seniors age 60 or older seem to be the population most often targeted by scammers. Consider warning parents and older relatives about these five common scams.

Grandparent Scam.
The scammer poses as a grandchild or other relative or as someone calling on behalf of that individual, such as law enforcement or an attorney. The “grandchild” says he or she is in trouble and asks the grandparent to wire money for bail, hospital bills, or another fake expense.

Government Impersonation Scam.
The scammer claims to be a government employee, often from the Social Security Administration or the IRS, and threatens arrest or prosecution unless the victim provides funds or other payments.

Sweepstakes or Lottery Scam.
The scammer tells victims they’ve won a sweepstakes or lottery and asks for money to pay fees and taxes on their winnings.

Tech Support Scam.
Scammers call or text the victim, offering to “fix” a non-existent computer issue. The scammer asks the victim to call a toll-free number or click on a link, thereby gaining remote access to the victim’s computer or phone and their personal information.

Romance Scam.
The victim meets a person online who quickly expresses deep feelings and gains the victim’s trust. The “relationship” often goes on for many months before the scammer creates a story about needing funds and asks the victim for money or bank account information. The scammer then disappears with the victim’s money, sometimes thousands — or even hundreds of thousands — of dollars.

Caution older family members to be alert for phone and email scams that ask for money or personal information. Report fraud to the National Elder Fraud Hotline at 833-372-8311.



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